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Divine Seeds

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  • Auto Montreal

  • Auto Pablo Escobar

  • Auto White Russian

  • Auto White Widow



Divine Seed Info:

6 Premium Seeds in every package

Who is Divine Seeds?

The genetic material that Divine Seeds uses for selectioneering cost us a great deal of work. In fact, we did not think twice and collected examples from the locations most famous as motherland to perfect smoke. We began our globetrotting in Afghanistan, combing the nearbies of Sabz Dara, Mirjan, Khujo, Anjoman, Nao and Pukh. The oriental sun, violent to any forms of life that slowly move on slopes of the mountains, awarded us with dizziness, sun burns and mightiest Indica representatives ever. Those were unbelievably hot times, indeed a challenge, which would have been harder to survive without that Indica making heat sustainable and our heart calmer. Having begun like that, we felt obliged to visit Hindu Kush, partly because it was not really far from where our expedition brought satisfactory results. Brilliant specimen were found both in Pakistani and Afghan parts of this range, some of them could be called champions in terms of stability, Next time we ventured an exploring it was the legendary Chuy Valley that we selected. The travel resulted in incomparable experience and, thankfully, genetic material that was missing for our purpose. After that, the task simplified substantially. We imported most appropriate mother strains from the Netherlands (Northern Lights, Jack Herer and other legends) to start our selectioneering process in Canada. The idea of what exactly to do had been shaped out more or less concretely while rambling in the mountains, so breeding took only three years. Now we welcome you to check out the strains developed with effort and care. You be nice to the hemp you grow from these seeds, because Divine Seeds put all our love in them.


Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow by Divine Seeds is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a substantial Sativa influence. This strain was bred in co-work with Spanish breeders and can boast the best South African, Indian, Briasilian and Afghani genetics. White Widow is a legendary genotype with numerous awards, and Divine Seeds preserved its authenticity in their autoflowering version. Auto White Widow gives a strong energizing high that tunes your brain for creativity.

In general, Auto White Widow is a beginner’s strain. Non-demanding, seldom any trouble with mold, fungi or temperature. Indoor plants grow mostly 70 cm tall, out of doors their height may reach 1.5 m. Use training methods to develop a more productive structure. Harvests averagely 400-600 g/m2. Blooming plants may sometimes need to be tied up to some support.

When dry and cured, ripe buds have a citrus scent spiced by sandal hints. Auto White Widow causes a mellow cerebral high accompanied with muscle relaxation. In medicine, this strain is prescribed against moving disorders. muscle tension, depression, nausea, irritability, headaches, appetite disorders, glaucoma. Works as a creativity stimulant, warms up any party, sets your mind for a romantic intercourse or a beautiful walkabout. The effects last for 1.5 hours and fit for any daytime.

Auto White Russian

Auto White Russian is probably the sturdiest cannabis strain in existence. A cross between the legendary White Widow and AK-47, it combines both varieties’ vigor and adaptivity. Divine Seeds’s version includes a small percentage of our special Ruderalis genetics, and we have worked hard to perfectly balance this genotype. As a result, valuers and connoisseurs are now invited to check out Auto White Russian by Divine Seeds – even stronger and more potent than before! However, the original landrace genetics (Brazil, India, Colombia, Afghanistan and Thailand) hasn’t been changed at all, which is obvious if you compare our Auto WR to older versions.

Its compact size and low demands make it a popular option for non-watched outdoor growing – subtle plants are easily hidden and mostly survive the summer. However, indoors Auto White Russian is just as much at home, often chosen by novice growers or even for first experiences. Indoors plants normally stay 1.20 m in height and. Use low-stress techniques to reveal their yielding potential. The smell becomes noticeable later into vegetation, and flowering plants reek pungently with skunky and fruity hues. Resistant to molds and insect pests, Auto White Russian cannabis may need your assistance to sustain dry and hot weather. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid August. In their appearance, plants reflect their mixed genetics: a darker shade of green (pleasantly contrasted with whitish trichomas) and exquisitely shaped buds look great on broad-shaped and hardy plants.

This Sativa-dominant marijuana has an uplifting and stimulating impact along with muscle relaxation and euphory. Best appreciated for social use and outdoor activities. Auto White Russian is a frequent companion at dance parties and gigs, meditative sessions and retreats, beach time spending. Its effects make for vivid conversation spiced with laughs and jokes. In fact, these fruit-smelling buds (also hints of cedar) have been found an efficient aphrodisiac. More appropriate for morning and daytime, it lights your evening up like a firework. Just like White Widow, Auto White Russian is outstandingly popular in Amsterdam – and we understand why!


Auto Montreal

Auto Montreal is a universal and highly sturdy cannabis variety developed in Canada. It was named after the Canadian city famous for its medical marijuana dispensaries. This strain is a well-balanced cross between several hybrids originating from Afghanistan, Southern India and Africa. Parent strains were chosen for their compact size, strong will for life and fun impact. We have also enhanced the quality of this variety by breeding: its resin rate and wonderfully convenient structure are the results of our scientific approach.

In cultivation Auto Montreal is an easy case, recommended for first growing experiences. Indoors plants mostly stay 1 m – 1.2 m tall, out of doors expect 1,5 m – 1,6 m’s height. Each plant should be given at least 12-16 litres roots space. Feel free to increase their productivity through training, but stick to low stress training methods like LST or ScroG. Do not transplant Auto Montreal (especially whilst vegetating). First weeks of flowering are marked with stretching – sometimes 1,5x. Then Auto Montreal gradually reveals its hashy smell – non-pungent and somewhat fruity, but definitely intense. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid August – late August.

Auto Montreal smoking experience is a bright tripping fit both for outdoor activities and any kind of quiet leisure. Medical prescriptions include depression, appetite disorders, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Mellow as it is, Auto Montreal nonetheless provides a profound relaxation of every muscle in users’ bodies: its influence makes stretching noticeably easier. Expect moderate munchies. Great for family activities: leaving no sharp feelings, Auto Montreal doesn’t limit your awareness or mobility. Expect about 2 hours’ tripping.

Auto Pablo Escobar

Based on the famous Pablo Escobar strain, rich with THC and unusual in flavor, this autoflowering beauty is almost pure Colombian Sativa. Bred by crossing Pablo Escobar with an unnamed autoflowering Sativa strain originating from Colombia as well, Auto Pablo Escobar is a sturdy mid-size variety that has been wanted since Pablo Escobar gained its success among growers!

Every novice grower or small grow box owner can now enjoy this perfect Colombian cannabis that can ripen for harvest in a matter of 14-15 weeks from sprouting. Resistant to molds and most insect parasites, Auto Pablo Escobar has shown a strong appetite for watering. Whilst blooming, the fruity smell that Auto Pablo Escobar maternal plants produced was described as quite intense, but not pungent.

The impact that Auto Pablo Escobar can amaze you with is stimulating and euphoric, helps ward off sleep and fatigue, improves your body movement awareness and makes for better intellectual concentration. Great for any kind of creativity as well as dancing, outdoor time spending, romantic dates and public performances, parties. A happy cerebral high state that lasts for solid 2.5 hours.


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